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One More Thing: Things get hairy over at Dyson

Security first – Popular Android security app Look Out has had a lick of paint and a bit of an overhaul. Now it can do snazzy things like have your phone send out a positioning flare just before it runs out of battery so you can track it down as best you can. [Look Out]

So this happened - Lank-haird ex-emo now oddly-named dubstep person Skrillex gave Richard Branson a quick dubstep masterclass. Apparently you just press a button once every so often. Bit like tech blogging then. [Gizmodo]

Sucker - Dyson has solved the problem of hair clogging up your vacuum cleaner once and for all by developing the delightfully alliterative Tangle-free Turbine tool. Instead of raking hairs back and forth, it creates a circular rubbing motion which lifts the hair straight off the surface and into the vacuum. Can't believe we didn't think of it before. [Dyson]

Tweetgate - A man got a job at Twitter and tweeted the news from a non-Twitter Twitter app. Shocking stuff. [Mashable]

Subvert - And so the Facebook chair advert parodies begin. No, that's a stool. [YouTube]