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ZTE flaunts modular smartphone prototype at CES 2014

ZTE flaunts modular smartphone prototype at CES 2014
Phone too slow? Just get a faster processor.

We've heard about the Motorola Ara project, which is developing a modular smartphone allowing you to change parts such as camera and processor with ease, but ZTE is also looking into part-swapping handsets.

Motorola said back in December 2013 that its modular prototype was "pretty close", but it's been beaten to the punch by the ZTE Eco-Mobius.

The Chinese firm showed off its own modular smartphone concept at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and although the phone itself was behind glass it shows a step forward in the technology.

Hot swap

The Eco-Mobius prototype allows a user to change its display, camera, battery, processor and RAM modules.

This would mean you could purchase the base spec at a low cost and once you've got more cash to burn, upgrade various parts - into photography? Then buy a better camera module. Running out of juice? Get yourself a bigger battery.

As to when we may actually see a modular smartphone actually hit stores, the people over at ZTE reckon the technology is two years away - CES 2016 better watch out.

Via Engadget