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Facebook 3.0 for iPhone is closing in

Facebook for iPhone 3.0 - on its way
Facebook for iPhone 3.0 - on its way

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone appears to be on its way with a tweet by software engineer Joe Hewitt suggesting that the latest iteration of the popular app has been submitted to Apple.

The Facebook app is one of the most popular iPhone apps, but has frustrated many by its propensity to crash out.

Software engineer Joe Hewitt wrote on his Twitter page: "Just uploaded Facebook for iPhone 3.0 to the App Store for review. :)".

Excited about 3.1

Hewitt has added since: "As excited as I am about 3.0, I am *really* excited about 3.1, which I get to start working on tomorrow. Tonight I can relax."

The vetting process from Apple can take some time, but for thousands of social network addicts the wait should not be too long.