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Twitter followers for sale by the boatload

Twitter users can now be bought and sold online

It might sound like a pretty self-defeating vanity exercise, but a new service from Australia promises to deliver Twitter users thousands of new followers if they're willing to pay for them.

Starting at around £50, uSocial is offering to find followers in blocks of 1,000. The company says it manually searches for people who might be interested in what the client has to say and offers them the option to follow or not.

Getting the word out

Chief executive Leon Hill told the BBC about the kinds of people using the service: "A woman who runs yoga classes is one of our clients. So are some religious organisations, including one man that just wants to get the word out about God."

As we've previously seen with companies like Dell, there's no doubt that the direct line to customers provided by sites like Twitter can be a profitable one, so perhaps uSocial's service isn't as daft as it sounds at first.