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Twitter sex spam hits MP Ed Miliband

Twitter spam causes MP sex slur
Twitter spam causes MP sex slur

Labour MP Ed Miliband has found his Twitter page has been hijacked by the latest Twitter phishing scandal.

Late last night the Energy and Climate Change Secretary posted: "Hey, I've been having better sex and longer with this here," – a familiar tweet for anyone who has had their account hacked in recent days.

Miliband admitted on his feed that he had been hacked but only after his 6,693 followers received his fake sex admission.

Resetting passwords

Other high-profile Twitter users have been hit by the phishing scam, including the Guardian, the BBC and the Press Complaints Commission.

Twitter has updated its Status blog, noting: "Over the past few days, we've seen an increase in phishing attempts and are working on resetting passwords for accounts that were affected."

The blog also offers this advice: "While simply receiving this message does not mean your account is compromised, if you do click through and enter your username and password, you'll want to change your password."

Something Miliband et al will probably be doing right now – unless they really are tweeting about the joys of 'longer and better sex'.