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Sunderland declared UK Facebook capital

Facebook big up north
Facebook big up north

New statistics from Experian Hitwise have found that the inhabitants of Sunderland are more likely to log on to social-networking site Facebook than people from elsewhere in the UK.

The statistic was compiled for the BBC 2 documentary, The Virtual Revolution. According to that, Sunderland's inhabitants are a staggering 24 per cent more likely to log into Facebook than people living in other cities. It's not certain as to whether that's a comment on recreation in Wearside.

Robin Goad, Director of Experian Hitwise, said: "We find social networking is more popular in smaller towns and cities compared to large ones. Our belief is people in larger cities have most of their friends living closer to them than people in smaller cities."

Not big in Scotland

Sunderland Football Club has its own Facebook page, with over 9,200 fans, and local band the Futureheads boast more than 8,000 fans on their page on the site.

Back in 2004 Microsoft awarded the city a £10 million web prize.

The other cities where Facebook is extremely popular are Durham, Bolton, Llandudno and Manchester.

Although Facebook is big up north, head beyond the border and the reverse is true; all the bottom 10 cities for the site are in Scotland, with the likes of Aberdeen and Perth, and Kilmarnock and Motherwell bringing up the very rear.