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Skittles wins big as Facebook tweaks fan data

Skittles is surprise winner of local Facebook fans
WOO! GO Creme Eggs!

A tweak to Facebook's algorithms now give a more accurate view of what brands are most popular among the local population.

Previously, Facebook showed top brands in a given territory or country but it still showed worldwide fan numbers, giving a skewed view of what companies your compatriots like.

Now the data has been released to let analytical tools show what brands are really top of the pops. For instance: in the UK iTunes is in the top ten by worldwide fans but it falls off that list when you look at how many Brits have actually liked the Apple brand.

(Samsung Mobile) USA! USA!

In the US the results are pretty similar to before the change but the data shows that Starbucks is a strong global player, with under half of its fans coming from its home region.

Similarly, only one in five fans of the Coca Cola page originate from the US - and why 30% of Samsung Mobile USA fans come from outside the region is beyond us.

Check out the graphs below from to see how things have changed thanks to the new localised data - if nothing else, you'll probably click to look at a penguin in a swimming pool full of Skittles.

Local Australia

Local US

Local US