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Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter

Rupert Murdoch is 2012's most high profile Twitter convert

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch has joined Twitter.

The News International Chairman and CEO signed up for the micro-blogging service on New Year's Eve and has since posted 17 tweets.

Among the 80-year-old Murdoch's first tweets were to criticise the Steve Jobs' biography as "unfair" and to herald New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The @rupertmurdoch address has been verified by Twitter with founder Jack Dorsey posting: "With his own voice, in his own way, @RupertMurdoch is now on Twitter."

He's racked up 53,000 followers in the last three days.


However, given the ill-feeling following the 2011 phone hacking scandal that saw the News of the World shut down, Murdoch's welcome from the Twitterati may not be a warm one.

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott tweeted: "Welcome to Twitter … @rupertmurdoch. I've left you a Happy New Year message on my voicemail!"

Via: Guardian