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Rumour: FarmVille to leave Facebook?

Is FarmVille about to leave Facebook?
Is FarmVille about to leave Facebook?

Reports suggest that casual game developer Zynga may well have its own plans to leave Facebook in the near future and run its hugely popular games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars on its own dedicated social network.

If Zynga was to launch its own social gaming network, as the report on TechCrunch suggests, then it would be a major blow to Mark Zuckerburg and his team at Facebook.

Facebook pushes Zynga

Latest reports claim that relations between Zynga and Facebook are at an all-time low, largely down to Facebook's "Facebook Credits" system, which is the only way that independent game makers can get paid via Facebook.

The credits system gives 30 per cent of revenue to Facebook, very much like Apple's own system with the App Store.

Facebook is apparently pushing Zynga into signing a new long-term exclusivity deal, which has pushed the issue to the fore.

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus has now informed staff to prepare for a the possibility of a split from Facebook and, according to a leaked email, is planning to "launch a social game network called Zynga Live."

Facebook told TechCrunch "we have conversations with our large developers all the time and we don't typically comment on specific discussions."

Zynga has so far declined to comment.

Via TechCrunch