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Mandatory Facebook Timeline rolling out to all

Mandatory Facebook Timeline rolling out to all
Ahh, remember that time we went swimming and then tagged ourselves in the photos of it?

Brace yourself for a glut of complaints invading your newsfeed over the next few weeks: Facebook is rolling out Timeline to all users.

While Facebook offered the option to update your profile to the timeline layout before Christmas, it will be forcing upgrades to all accounts in the coming weeks.

Like the early adopters, new Timlineers (that name may need work) will have seven days to get used to the timeline and remove anything embarrassing before friends can see the new layout.

The thin blue line

Announced at last year's f8 conference, Timeline is Facebook's attempt at collating literally everything you ever do, from watching TV to climbing Mount Everest.

All your Facebook activity is listed chronologically, taking in status updates, songs you've listened to, photos, events you've attended, notes you've written and what friends you've made along the way.

But what's really excellent about Timeline is that it makes it look like you did nothing of note between being born and joining Facebook. Sure, Zuck. Sure.