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Google adds multiple inboxes to Gmail

Google Mail adds more inboxes to your life
Google Mail adds more inboxes to your life

Google's Labs feature has once again come up with a tweak for Gmail, this time adding the chance to see different inboxes at once.

If you're one of those that loves to use your Google Mail account more than anything else, you'll have probably got used to not having folders but labels instead.

However, this means you have to flick between labels in order to see the different filters you've put on, which can be irritating and time consuming. So now you can view the different filters at once.

Developed by Octavian Costache, software engineer for Google, during the mandatory 20 per cent time every employee must dedicate to new projects, it was created to help him speed up paragliding or something.

'Into' filters

"I'm seriously into filters and labels. All the email I get related to Flash goes under my 'flash' label, everything about paragliding goes under 'flying,' and they all skip my inbox because that's how I like to stay organised.

"But when new email arrives I have to switch to the 'flash' label first, then click on 'paragliding,' etc. I wanted a way to see it all at once."

If you want to try it for yourself, it should be rolling out to all Gmail accounts in the next few days. Head over to the Labs link and enable Multiple Inboxes and get a whole new view of Gmail.