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Facebook makes it easier to silence boring friends

Facebook just made it easier to unfollow boring friends
Haters gonna hate

Facebook has made a small change to its news feed, allowing you to quickly unfollow any pages, people or groups that no longer interest you.

News feed settings will now show you the top pages, people and groups that have appeared on your feed over the last week. It'll allow you to sort them by posts - or see an overall summary of your activity.

From there, you can tap the arrow in the corner and choose to hide any post causing your eyeballs offence. Once you've hidden the story, Facebook will ask you if you want to see less from that person or group, and if you do, ask if you want to unfollow them completely.

All the people and groups you've unfollowed will be stored in your settings so you can re-follow them at any time, should you so wish.

The new feature is available on the desktop and mobile sites, and will come to the Facebook app in the coming weeks.