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This hotel is a gamer's dream

Arcade Hotel

A new hotel in Amsterdam wants to make sure you get your gaming fix during your stay. But while The Arcade Hotel hopes to attract gamers, it might keep you indoors rather than exploring the historic city.

The hotel, which is located in the De Pijp region, opened earlier this month with a gaming event, including a FIFA competition.

There are 36 rooms that includes retro and new consoles and video games, as well as handheld video games, consoles and a comic book library in the lobby.

If you do manage to pry yourself away from the video games, The Arcade Hotel does offer bikes to rent so you can experience all that Amsterdam has to offer IRL.

Rooms cost about 75 to 350 Euros per night, while the hotel also plans on hosting gaming nights, "comic lectures" and food events in the future

Via VG24/7