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New PS Vita update may cause more harm than help

The new PS Vita update is causing some hiccups

Poor PS Vita. Despite its impressive hardware and fair share of standout games, the handheld Sony sent to die may have hit another snag.

After updating to the latest firmware, multiple Vita owners have been experiencing issues connecting to the PlayStation Store and/or being unable to put the device in sleep mode, which in turn slayed their 's battery.

Reports of these issues have not been isolated, with users across NeoGAF, Reddit and the PlayStation forums experiencing the same problems on both the original and Slim models, even after a system reset.

The alleged culprit, the v3.57 update that came out January 20, was supposed to remove Facebook functionality from the system. The PlayStation 3 had a similar update around this time.

The PS Vita, released in 2011, has struggled to find a mass audience, despite some (albeit niche) gems, like Persona 4 Golden, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and some excellent ports of the Hotline Miami series.

The PlayStation Network, Sony's online service, gave the all-clear on its support page, indicating that the issue is likely not on PSN's end.