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Social networkers avert Facebook and Twitter suicides

Demi Moore used Twitter to save a suicidal person's life
Demi Moore used Twitter to save a suicidal person's life

There may be a lack of Good Samaritans on the streets these days, but the internet seems to be awash with good-willed, quick-thinking social networkers.

Just last week, celebrity 'tweeter' Demi Moore saved the life of a suicidal woman after she noticed that a woman threatened to kill herself on the site.

Using the power of Twitter, Moore reposted the comment to her 350,000 followers who managed to stop the woman from ending her life.

In response to the incident, Moore commented on her Twitter post that it was a "prime example of the power of collective consciousness".

White House alerted

Closer to home, a teenager was saved in the UK after an American girl he was speaking to online alerted the authorities that he had threatened to kill himself.

The 16-year-old boy from Oxfordshire had taken an overdose of pills, and boasted about it to the girl in the US. To save the boy's life, the girl contacted the police, who contacted the White House and the British Embassy to track down the boy's address.

The boy was found and is currently recovering in hospital.

Via CNET and BBC