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A good service if you’re looking for something automated that pretty much does it all for you. If you prefer more hands on control, it might be best to look elsewhere.


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    Free (of sorts)


  • -

    Barely any editing options

  • -

    Small file size for the free logo

  • -

    A logo with your business name and slogan isn’t free

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In addition to its website builder service Zyro offers a free AI-driven logo creation tool. Zyro Logo Maker to have no hidden strings and that the final design will be ‘fully commercially owned by you’. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s click on the big red ‘Create Your Logo’ button, and take a closer look.

Getting started

Mac users should know that for some reason, Safari isn’t supported. If that doesn’t put you off and you still want to try out the service, you can do so from Firefox instead.

The first decision you’ll have to make is to either ‘Create a Logo’, fully customising it yourself, or using the automated power of AI to ‘Generate a Logo’. We’ll briefly look at both in turn.

Fully customisable

As usual with services of this kind, you give Zyro your business name and slogan (if you have one), followed by which industry you’re working in, and how you’d use your logo once completed (on business cards, online, social media, etc).


Keep scrolling until you find the design you like (Image credit: Zyro)

Zyro will instantly offer you a string of large thumbnails images bearing different font styles, colour, and a relevant icon - it seems like you can scroll them for ever. Mouse over your favourite, to be given the option of either downloading it (if you’re happy with it as is), or delve into the editing process instead… which is pretty simplistic. 

Bare Bones

Your editing options are pretty, pretty, pretty bare (Image credit: Zyro)

You can’t change your font, its style, size, etc. The only layout option have is deciding with where the icon is placed (above, below, to the right or left of your business name and slogan), and you’re able to replace that icon with another. So much for ‘fully customisable’.

Your second choice was going down the AI-driven route, so let’s go back to the start and give it a try.

AI Logo

The truly free part of the service is the AI logo creation… (Image credit: Zyro)

AI power

The automated service starts by asking you to choose a ‘starter logo’, a colour, and a shape, from a series of about a dozen on display (it varies with each step). Clicking the spacebar refreshes these thumbnails. Do this until you find the one you like, and repeat the process for each of those three stages.

Aaaaand you’re done. This literally creates a logo with nothing else attached to it. Clicking on ‘Logo Maker’ takes you to the editing section we explored earlier in the customisable section.


…which you can indeed download for free (Image credit: Zyro)


Downloading your AI generated logo is free, and gives you a relatively small 400x400 pixel PNG file.

The ‘fully customisable’ logo can be downloaded for a one-off fee of $5, which includes a high-resolution file, and your logo on a transparent background.

Final verdict

If all you’re looking for is a fancy circular shape to use as a logo, then Zyro’s service does exactly what it says on the tin. To say the editing features were barebones would be wildly generous. Your options are severely curtailed in that regard, although to be fair, most of the samples created automatically looked nice and could make a simple yet serviceable business card if you were in a bit of a rush. It really depends what you’re after. The AI logo creation process is original though, and that side of the service truly is free with no strings attached, so there’s that.

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