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TechRadar Verdict

A clean, efficient, and fast service which will have you create your logo and customise it to your heart’s content.


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    Fast and easy to use

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    A wealth of customisation possibilities


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    No free service

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You’ve all heard of Wix and their WordPress-rivalling website builder platform, but did you know they also offered an automated logo design service?

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Welcome to Wix, your logo creation service… (Image credit: Wix)

Getting started

Wix’s Logo Maker has a big friendly ‘Start Now’ button just waiting to be clicked on. So let’s see how good this service is. First off, you’re offered a choice: either design the logo yourself, or get in touch with a professional designer. Since we’re looking at the online system, we selected the former, but it’s good to know that help is at hand should you prefer a more bespoke approach.

After having given your business name, (optional) tagline, and in which category your work fits in, you’re offered a choice of styles for your logo. This is totally subjective, but you could choose from Dynamic, Timeless, Fun, Fresh and a few others (more than one option can be selected). If this doesn’t appeal, you can thankfully skip that step.


Answer a few questions and be faced with a large number of logo choices… (Image credit: Wix)

Next, you get to choose your preferred look from a series of thumbnails. You select your favourite of two, and repeat the process five time. This should hopefully give the AI enough to go on to create your logo.

Give it a few seconds, and Wix will unveil a series of choices. Scroll down to see them all, and click on ‘see more’ to get a continuous display of different logos based on your previous selections.

But this is just the start of the process (unless the AI got it just right in one of its many samples of course). Click on your favourite and you’ll then move to the customisation part of the creation process.


Choose one, and customise it fully… (Image credit: Wix)


The editing process is pretty simple, and well organised. Your logo is shown on the right, and clicking on the arrows allows you to scroll through and see how it would look on a website, as your social media profile pic, on a business card, and even on merch. These update with every change you make.

To the left is a sidebar where all your options are located. ‘Palette’ for instance grants you access to various set colour combinations. Click on any of them to replace your existing colours with these new ones. There are undo and redo buttons top right of the page should you dislike the direction your design is going.

‘Text’ is where you alter most aspects of any words you’ve added to your logo, be it your company name, slogan, or any other you’d like to add. Your editing freedom is quite extensive there, from colour, to font and size, but also includes letter spacing, rotation, text on a curve, you have many options, especially compared to the often more limited competition.

What You Get

Once finalised, you are offered two payment options, depending on the quality of the output you’re after (Image credit: Wix)


Once you’re happy with your creation, click on ‘Next’. Wix being Wix, they’ll try and entice you to use your logo with a new website, but thankfully there’s a ‘I Just Need a Logo’ button to sidestep that process.

You’ll then need to choose your payment option: $20 (£13.90) gets you eight PNG files with different colours and backgrounds. $50 (£34.74), bumps your output to vector files (SVG), and a selection of logos ready for social media. If you’re undecided, you can download a 200x200 pixel sample to test out your design before taking the financial plunge.

Final verdict

Wix offers a fast service with great customisation options. Other services can be got for free, but Wix’s wealth of customisability might make its service worth the one-off asking price.

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