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A journaling tool and mood tracker app that encourage gratitude

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At its heart, Reflectly is a simple digital diary, but it goes further than this. If nothing else, it's extremely interesting to look back over previous journal entries and track your mood over time, but the app does feel like a very helpful support tool for mental wellbeing.


  • +

    Powered by AI so Reflectly learns

  • +

    Provides motivational quotes when you need them

  • +

    Inspirational question to prompt writing


  • -

    Potential for lots of irritating notifications

  • -

    Can feel trite at times

  • -

    Somewhat limited set of features

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30-second review

There are two main components to Reflectly: journaling and quotes. On the journal side of things, you are invited to share how you are feeling using an emoji-based system, but also to write down your thoughts, feelings and anything you may feel could be beneficial.

Inspirational daily quotes pop up as notification based on what Reflectly has learned about you from your journal entries and mood tracking. If you feel you need support at other times you can browse through the various categories of quotations.

It's a fairly simple idea, but once you manage to form a habit of writing on a regular basis it can be wonderfully cathartic. Inspirational quotes are often over-used, but with Reflectly's AI, they feel very well-placed.

Price and availability

There is an iOS version of Reflectly  as well as one for Android. You can try out all of the premium features of the app for a week free of charge, but after this trial period is up you will have to pay, or Reflectly will run in a much more limited mode.


Diary-keeping used to be something of an art – far more than just a hobby – but it gradually fell out of fashion. While there are still people who put pen to paper each day for the purposes of recording thoughts and activity, the advent of the digital journal has changed this dramatically. Reflectly gives you an outlet for your thoughts and feelings as you are encouraged to write journal entries and track your mood each day.

Over time, graphs are produced so you can analyze how you have been feeling. Based on how you say you feel, the app will provide you with appropriate quotes to inspire and motivate you. You will also be asked pertinent questions to both prompt deeper thought and to inspire you to write.


Reflectly's clean, uncluttered interface is refreshing and inviting. The 'Today' screen gets you set up with an inspirational quote, a prompt to log your feelings with a daily check in, and a question or statement designed to promote thought and inspire you to write a few words – or more, if you’re feeling verbose.

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Swiping through to the quotes section, you are presented with more motivating words from a celebrity, a philosopher, or someone else of note. You can continue to scroll through more and more random quotes, but you can also browse through the inspirational quotes based on categories or themes. Whether you're looking for something to help boost your mood, or empathy so you know you're not alone, there's a great deal of extremely helpful content to be explored here.

What should be considered the main component of the app is the logging element. There are three ways to add to the journal – mood check-ins, voice notes, and photos. Mood checks-ins log you feeling, thoughts and emotions, and you are prompted to ponder on what it is that has made you feel the way you do. You can write as much or as little as you like.

Over time, Reflectly can show you interesting statistics about your fluctuating mood. It's not only interesting, but also helpful to see graphs of the ups and downs of your mood over a period of weeks or months, as it helps you to notice trends and tracks what is having the biggest impact on you – both positive and negative.

The whole experience is unrushed, non-pushy and relaxed, making it enjoyable and valuable.

Download it if

You want to get in touch with your emotions
Reflectly will Inspire you to dig deeper into just why it is you feel the way you do.

You'd like to spot trends in your mood
Reflectly will help you understand and get to the bottom of negative thoughts you may be experiencing.

Don't download it if

You don't like writing
A this is a journaling and feeling logger, there's really no point in using it if you're not someone who is happy to spend time putting your thoughts on paper (or screen) regularly

You're not willing to invest some time and effort
Like all mindfulness apps, Reflectly needs you to commit a regular amount of time to self care.

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