Sony Ericsson Satio review

Is the 12.1MP behemoth worthy of the year-long hype?

The Sony Ericsson Satio review
The Sony Ericsson Satio review

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Sony ericsson satio

Sony Ericsson needs a strong handset this year as it's slightly come off the boil with its plethora of mid-range beauties. The likes of the Xperia X1 have failed to capture the imagination, and we're having to wait until 2010 to see the Android offering.

We wanted the Satio to be that phone, but we're not sure it scales the necessary dizzy heights.

We liked

The photography on the phone is fantastic, and is backed up by a decent video player as well. The sheer amount of customisation to your photography is great, but we all know Sony Ericsson can do this well.

Media was also well put together – the Satio really could be your media hub (if the file compatibility problem is solved). Video, Music, YouTube, iPlayer - you can't really ask for more.

Add to that a well designed, light handset with decent elements like a nice RSS reader and you've got a nice package.

We disliked

Sadly there was a lot to dislike too. What's more annoying is the phone is just filled with little niggly points rather than one big problem, like the HTC Hero had with lag before the firmware update.

No dynamic scrolling, a fiddly accelerometer, no smart-fit on the web browser, inaccurate touchscreen... the list goes on. We're sure most people can live with this for the functionality the Satio brings – but the question is: would you want to?

TechRadar verdict

The Satio is a good phone, there's no doubt about that. The sheer amount of technology under the hood is testament to a good design team, and we can see a lot of photography lovers seeing it as their must-have phone.

However, the amount of little problems (as well as the big ones, like a poor touchscreen at times and no 3.5mm headphone jack) all add up quickly, and it's a shame as we wanted to Satio to be one of the biggest devices of the year.

It might well still be, but it's not going to challenge the top dogs for phone of the year or anything – we're still waiting to see how good Sony Ericsson's Android offering will be, as that could be the turning point for the company.

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