Nokia X3 Touch and Type review

Nokia brings back touchscreen Symbian S40 again, but is Android too far ahead?

Nokia X3 Touch and Type
The definitive Nokia X3 Touch and Type review

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We are used to seeing batteries that average out around 1200mAh and can top 1500mAh in some cases. So it's disappointing that the Nokia X3 Touch and Type has an 860mAh battery.

Nokia x3 touch and type

Nokia is quite bullish about what you should get from the battery, giving a quote of 300 minutes of talk, up to 25 hours of music playback and up to 6.8 hours of video playback.

As ever, you need a large dose of reality when putting these estimates into the real world, but we did find we were able to get through two days of usage without worrying too much about keeping mains power nearby.

We did not use the Nokia X3 Touch and Type as our main music player while testing, though, and you may find such usage leads you to need a daily charge.

The general good battery life can be put down to the fact that S40 is a relatively light operating system and the screen is not exactly a vast power drainer either.


The life organiser facilities on the Nokia X3 Touch and Type are on a par with what you'd expect to see from any S40 handset. At the heart of the organiser functions is the calendar, which has a reasonable array of features and includes the ability to synchronise with Ovi for online backup.

Nokia x3 touch and type

You've also got an alarm clock and calculator readily to hand, the former offering you a single alarm with snooze function, the latter offering some scientific functions and a loan calculator as well as more straightforward calculations.

Nokia x3 touch and type

Nokia x3 touch and type

Nokia x3 touch and type

A to-do list manager, countdown timer, voice recorder, stopwatch and note taker could all also be useful when it comes to organising your everyday life, and you can go to town with the to-do list app, assigning alarms to actions you need to complete.

Nokia x3 touch and type

If you delve into the Extras folder, a step down from the folder that houses all the rest of the organiser features, you'll also find a converter that can cope with currencies, which could come in handy on foreign trips.