HTC ChaCha review

Body of a Blackberry, mind of an Android. Can the new 'Facebook phone' poke above its weight?

HTC ChaCha
TechRadar's definitive HTC ChaCha review

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This being an Android device, the ChaCha comes with one of the best mobile browsers on a phone. Android's stock offering is brilliant at rendering pages and resizing text and it is testament to that that where Sense is so prevalent over other parts of the OS, when it comes to the internet, HTC does, on the whole, leave it alone. It isn't broken - so it's not fixed.

HTC chacha browser

But, where messaging is where the ChaCha excels, browsing is definitely this dancer's Achilles heel. Coming from an Incredible S, we found the browsing experience to be disappointing.

The real issue here is Flash support. Smaller flash elements appeared OK - advert banners and the like. But when we tried to load up flash video on a number of websites, the ChaCha just gave up.

An swirling loading icon filled us with hope - which was then dashed by a large yellow triangle with an exclamation mark warning us we had no chance of getting any further here.

HTC chacha flash loading

We already assumed Flash wasn't going to work thanks to the lower-spec Qualcomm processor, but to come so close to seeing the video and having it cruelly taken away is more annoying than being told it's not available at all.

Aside from that, browsing speeds are absolutely fine and we had nothing to complain about. The ChaCha is a 3G device that supports HSDPA, and loading pages happened quickly with the rendering speeds we've come to expect from Android's browser.

Wi-Fi was obviously quicker in the majority of cases, but we found absolutely nothing to complain about over 3G instead and we're big fans of the way text reformats upon tapping. The Android bookmarks system is top-notch and, combined with HTC's bookmarks widget, browsing is made even easier.

HTC chacha text reformat

That said, the screen size can impede your enjoyment. It feelsa little too small for any real web browsing and, although it's fine for a little bit of light use, you won't find yourself navigating full sites on the ChaCha for too long.