One problem the Android OS has is that it's still massively inferior to the iPhone and other devices when it comes to media.

There is no obvious program on the desktop that you can use to manage music and movies and then sync over to the device, nor purchase movies from the phone itself.

You can use the Amazon MP3 service to buy tracks, and the selection is pretty good - far beyond just the hit songs. Once you load media onto the device - by connecting the USB cable and dropping files into folders - the Nexus One handles most of the popular formats including AAC, MP3, WAV, H.264 and MPEG-4.

Google nexus one

Like most Android devices, the Nexus One supports YouTube videos and you can shoot your own video clips in 720x480 resolution, at a minimum of 20fps - smooth enough for most personal shooting.

We tested a Google Nexus One with 4GB of storage (or enough for a movie and a large music collection) but you can add a microSD up to 32GB of space, although we'd bet most people would be satisfied with the in-box storage offered by Google and HTC.

Google nexus one

GALLERY: Videos are easy to find - here, we shot movies using the camera and they showed up in the Gallery app