Though the stills camera in the BlackBerry Curve 9380 has specs to match its big brother, the Torch 9860, the video camera doesn't meet the same standard.

Instead of any kind of HD recording, it's back to good ol' VGA 640 x 480. Did you miss it? Of course you didn't. No one did. But here it is, anyway.

BlackBerry curve 9380

In the outdoors shot, motion is handled fairly well, and there's actually not much in the way of digital artefacting, except a little during quick pans of the camera. There's a decent amount of light being captured too, making the overall video not at all dark, if low-resolution.

The indoors video is less impressive. There's a bit more artefacting in the top's wobble, and the camera is really struggling to get a decent amount of light in. As a result, the image is full of digital noise, and has lost a lot of detail.