Acer Liquid Mini review

The Acer Liquid Mini is a mid-range Android 2.2 handset with nothing really new on offer

Acer Liquid Mini
The definitive Acer Liquid Mini review

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Acer Liquid Mini review: Video

The Acer Liquid Mini also captures video, of course, but not too much should be expected from it. The maximum resolution is 720 x 480 pixels, which isn't too bad, but you have none of the shooting effects such as aqua and sepia that exist in stills shooting mode. At least you can flip between the default MPEG4 to H.263 if you choose.

Acer liquid mini

Shot quite early in the morning, the first video is pretty poor. The sky tones are too pinkish and the lens simply can't let enough light in to do a decent job.

There is a slight jerkiness to this moving tram in the second video, but on the whole it's is passable for quality.

Indoors, in a reasonably well lit room, the attempt to capture some fairly close-up footage in the third video suffers from a lot of blurring, since the Acer Liquid Mini moves around in our hands due to the smaller and more difficult to handle dimensions.