Acer Liquid Mini review

The Acer Liquid Mini is a mid-range Android 2.2 handset with nothing really new on offer

Acer Liquid Mini
The definitive Acer Liquid Mini review

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Acer Liquid Mini review: Contacts and calling

Twitter and Facebook are handled by Acer's somewhat quirky SocialJogger. You sign into accounts and then the Acer Liquid Mini is ready to start picking up posts.

Acer liquid mini

Once you're into the SocialJogger, posts are shown on a carousel wheel that you can move through by finger sweeping. Rather bizarrely, if you choose 'Auto Play' from the menu the carousel slowly rotates through messages so you don't even need to sweep.

You can add 'pages' to the social jogger showing only specific people you follow on Twitter or Facebook friends, helping you to focus on what's really important. You switch between these by swiping a very thin bar towards the top of the screen. This is a nice feature, but to be honest we find SocialJogger a bit clunky.

And rather bizarrely, if you want to add Facebook and Twitter contacts to contacts, you need to do this separately by going into Contacts, Choosing to Add Account from the menu, and then signing in for a second time.

Acer liquid mini

Do that, though, and you can add status and pictures from Facebook. Our review handset consistently reported a sync error with Twitter over several days, so we can't say how it handles Twitter data or what the process of linking is like.

When in contacts, tapping to get to the Facebook profile of someone takes you straight to their wall, while the contacts listing picks up any available phone numbers.

You can search contacts by tapping into a little search box, but we found the autocorrect system kicked in rather too readily, so that searching for people with oddly spelled names wasn't easy.

Acer liquid mini

The Contacts app enables you to mark people as favourite and access a straightforward dialler that's designed exactly like what we've seen on other Acer smartphones.

Acer liquid mini

We didn't have any problems with voice calls. The in-call menu is easy to manage, and volume was good. People we called said we sounded fine, and we didn't experience any problems with dropping signal strength either.

Even better, the dialler screen supports smart dialling, and this is by far an easier way of searching through the contacts in the Liquid Mini than trying to fiddle with the search tool mentioned earlier.