Panda Internet Security 2012

With alarming labelling and popup messages, is Panda Internet Security 2012 a bit too paranoid?

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  • Quick scan time
  • Not too resource hungry
  • Good suite of protection tools


  • A bit over-zealous with warnings

While the current trend in internet security suites is to sit quietly in the background and protect the user's PC with the minimum of fuss and nuisance, we found that Panda Internet Security would occasionally display a popup from the taskbar.

These messages, known as 'Panda Bulletins', can be turned off, but they are distracting.

The interface is straightforward and clear, with an emphasis on delivering essential information rather than eye-pleasing graphics. This is one reason why Panda Internet Security 2012 feels less system resource hungry than some of its flashier competitors.

While we ran the initial scan, we found our test PC was much more responsive than when Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 was running, with CPU usage hovering around 28 to 30 per cent and peaking at 70 per cent.

The scan took one hour 52 minutes, and highlighted a number of tracking cookies that Kaspersky and G Data ignored. This is as much a case of over-zealousness on Panda's part as it is carelessness on the others'. The files identified were annoyances a best, yet Panda identified them as 'Spyware programs'.

The Panda SafeBrowser is sandboxed browser that runs in VirtualBox and can be used to access potentially dangerous websites. A virtual keyboard is also included to help thwart keylogging software when you're typing in passwords.

We can't help but feel that this addition is a bit redundant – if the antivirus scan, download scan and included firewall are doing their jobs then there should be no keylogging software installed on your PC in the first place.

An over-cautious internet security package is better than one that takes securing your PC for granted, and Panda Internet Security 2012 works hard to offer a feature-packed security suite.

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