A good performance from the Reflecta ProScan 7200 is let down only by some small build-quality concerns and a lack of batch-scanning facilities.

But for an average street price of around £300, this is a good value scanner that will let you produce good quality scans from your 35mm originals – certainly better than most flatbed scanners with transparency units can produce.

The supplied Cyber ViewX software is basic but, apart from the issues surround Mac installation, stable. The ProScan 7200 is also supported by SilverFast so, if you already have this application, you should be able to use the Reflecta scanner without learning any new software.

We Like

The Reflecta ProScan 7200 is excellent value at £300 and produces better results than most flatbed scanners with transparency units.

We Dislike

The ProScan 7200 has some small build quality issues, and the lack of back-scanning facilities is a shortcoming.


Image quality is good, rather than spectacular, and some software sharpening is required post scanning.

That said, as with all scanning processes, the quality of the final result depends heavily on the quality of the original. The ProScan 7200 is no different here.