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Reflecta MemoScan review
The Reflecta MemoScan employs a CMOS sensor, which helps produce basic scans in about 5secs.

Quick and easy the MemoScan might be, but a top-end scanner it ain't. You get what you pay for with film scanners and this unit delivers images that are average, rather than stunning.

Image Quality

As well as limited resolution, image files have a very digital look about them, more like still frames from a video.

Additionally, the MemoScan has a limited ability to penetrate the dark areas of image, especially when scanning transparency film. Highlights are better controlled than some other CMOS scanners we've seen though, including those in the Reflecta range, such as the Scan-x5.

It's not that the MemoScan's performance is bad; it's just important to get your expectations in line with what this scanner is all about.

Film scans won't look as good as shots from your digital camera, but if you just want to stick old family snapshots on Facebook then you'll be happy.

The scanner's MagicTouch anti dust technology is effective on some dust marks, but unfortunately not all of them. It can be left switched on by default as it doesn't harm image quality, but DigitalICE seen on other scanners do seem to be more effective.

Scan Times

Thanks to it's CMOS design the MemoScan is certainly quick. Basic scans take around five seconds, though this varies a little from computer to computer depending on processor speed.

Engage the MagicTouch dust removal feature and the scan time doubles to around 10 seconds.