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Saitek Cyborg Mouse review

A multi-talented mouse packed with features

If you're in to strategy games or MMORPGs that require more keys than a jailer, the Cyborg is perfect

Our Verdict

This mouse has more than enough to set it apart from its peers, one for the gamers for sure


  • Some nifty features
  • Great profile setting software


  • Size adjustment feature is pointless

Creating a mouse that stands out from the crowd has got to be a nightmare, especially when lurking in that crowd are the smugly popular G9 from Logitech and Microsoft's latest Sidewinder.

You've got to have that look or gimmick that's going to set it apart. What does the Cyborg have? It's motorised. Oh yes, something we've all been waiting for, a motorised mouse. But how does that help your gaming experience? Well, come closer...

What sets Saitek's mouse apart?

The mouse's motorised feature makes the length adjustable from an extra 0 to 15 millimetres, which can be set using supplied software and makes a sound like a Terminator getting an erection. And as soon as you wonder why no one thought of it before, you realise there was no need for anyone to think of it before.

My normal mouse is of fine length, and unless you suffer from hands that continuously grow and shrink, this mouse's selling point is going to be lost on you.

Ignoring the silly motorised adjustments, it's not at all bad. It has seven buttons including a four-way hat on the side, adjustable dpi from 400 to 3,200, and a resistance adjuster for the wheel.

Perfect for gaming

The profile setting software is incredibly versatile once you get the hang of it - keys and macros can be attached to any of the buttons, and a simple click of a button changes the profile. You can save profiles for different games - I played Crysis one-handed, albeit with an RSI-inducing level of awkwardness.

If you're in to strategy games or MMORPGs that require more keys than a jailer, the Cyborg is perfect. Just ignore the size adjustment feature - it's completely redundant.