Zoostorm Gaming Desktop PC review

A great 1080p performer that won't break the bank

Zoostorm Gaming Desktop PC

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The Zoostorm Gaming Desktop PC doesn't offer the very best gaming performance, a posh looking case or extras like an SSD. What if offers is playable 1080p gaming at a price that really is quite affordable. At its price, you can't expect too many bells and whistles.

We liked

The Zoostorm Gaming Desktop PC's performance is an achievement, and testament to the quality of mid-range PC components these days. You certainly don't need to spend thousands of pounds to enjoy PC games and this machine is certain to at least run every game out there. That's not bad at all. With room for extra memory, plenty of ports and a capable Nvidia GTX 960 inside, there's lots to like.

We disliked

Zoostorm's machine isn't the best-looking gaming PC out there, its boxy office-like chassis failing to impress. And while it can play many games at 1080p on high graphics settings, Nvidia's GTX 960 is by no means future-proofed to handle demanding games set to come out in the next few years.

Final verdict

If you're looking to save yourself a bit of money by opting for a cheaper gaming PC, the Zoostorm Gaming Desktop PC is a superb machine that lives for the moment. It gets you a much better gameplay experience than what can be achieved on any of the two major consoles, and if you don't mind it looking a bit on the bland side, you get a lot of power for a very affordable price.