MSI H61MU-E35 review

Bargain power - the two words MSI wants associated with its H61MU-E35 board

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While the H61 chipset doesn't allow for overclocking on the processing part of the Sandy Bridge CPUs, it does allow some overclocking on the integrated graphics core.

We were able to overclock the graphics to a maximum of 1350MHz but in all honesty it doesn't appear to make a lot of difference, just adding a couple of frames per second in the DiRT 2 benchmark.

We've put it up against one of our favourite micro-ATX P67 boards, the Asus P8P67M-Pro, just to show how close in actual stock performance the two chipsets are.

CPU rendering performance

MSI h61mu e35

MSI h61mu e35

CPU video encoding performance

MSI h61mu e35

Discrete graphics performance

MSI h61mu e35

CPU graphics performance

(Stock and overclocked)

MSI h61mu e35