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Kingston Data Traveller 300 256GB review

Enormous storage in your pocket for a hefty price

Kingston Data Traveller 300 256GB
Undeniably cool but we think it's a bit pricey to be a winner

Our Verdict

If this drive was a lot cheaper then we could see the appeal but at the cost per gigabyte ratio this is one best left for the more money than sense crowd


  • Mega storage capacity


  • Bit slow in comparison to smaller drives
  • Super expensive

Awesome. The Kingston Data Traveller 300 has 256 whole gigabytes of storage in a tiny form factor.

I remember back in the early days of computing when a 256MB hard drive cost £400 and a goat.

But now you can pick up a 500GB portable hard drive for £50. The goat is happy.

At £500, it's really good value, IF YOU'RE BILL BLOODY GATES. If you don't happen to be the head of Microsoft, it's probably quite a lot of cash to be spending on a USB drive. You could buy 256 individual 1GB drives for about £100.

We can see the appeal, though, and if the price comes down a bit (actually, a LOT) it might be worth investing in. If you're one of those poncy media types who HAS to have high-definition media files or giant bitmaps with you at all times, it might be worth it.

But, then again, I've never met a poncy media type who doesn't own a manbag with more than enough space for a cheapo portable drive.

It's not like it's even a particularly good drive. Copying a 750MB file took far longer than it did to our Sandisk Cruzer drive, which means copying a 256GB file could potentially take days.

The chunky USB-hogging design is annoying too. But then, if you're investing £500 in a USB drive, you can probably afford a gold-plated USB hub hand crafted by virgins in Tahiti.

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