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Kingston Data Traveller 150 64GB review

64GBs in something you can fit on your pocket? Yes please...

Kingston Data Traveller 150 64GB
This handy little stick of 64GB joy is a handy little device to have but the price could put off a few who could get more GBs for the pennies

Our Verdict

This is a good option for the regular traveller that is pushed for space but you can get more for your moolah with an external drive


  • Good capacity
  • Nice size


  • Expensive

High-capacity pen drives are just plain awesome. I don't know where I'd be without my trusty ol' 32GB Rally stick on those long train/plane journeys where you're desperate to avoid conversation with the crazy who's sat next to me.

Rejoice then, for now we've got a slew of 64GB drives flooding the market and here's Kingston's offering. It's red and chunky and full of gigabytes. But the problem is how much storage do you really need in a small pen drive?

The cost is the real clincher in this argument, and Kingston's stick is no more expensive than its compatriots, but at a hundred clams it's still pricey. If you need a lot of storage on the move, pick up a 250GB external 2.5-inch drive for around £60.

Admittedly that's a lot bigger not only in capacity but in physical size too, but where do you draw the line in the tiny versus cost-effective man-dance?

Personally, a chunky pen drive for under a ton is acceptable, but over that you really are overpaying the size premium. After all, 2.5-inch external drives are hardly a burden if you've got even the smallest of netbook bags, and give you exponentially more storage for almost half the cost.

64GB of storage on something the size of a funsize Finger of Fudge is an attractive proposition, but a pen drive half that capacity will meet your needs, while a proper external drive will exceed any mobile storage demands you have. An expensive extravagance then, if you will.