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G.Skill Ripjaws-X 4GB review

An excellent memory kit with enough overhead for a meaty overclock

G.Skill Ripjaws-X 4GB
A bargain for serious overclockers, offering a decent overclock from the 1,600Mhz stock settings


  • Great price
  • Healthy amount of headroom
  • CAS 7 latencies

When you're talking about memory, do you want low latency, high-speed or low voltage? Well, with G.Skill's latest P67-oriented kit, the Ripjaws-X 4GB, you get the lot. And all for a rather reasonable price too.

This 4GB Ripjaws-X kit is running with super-low CAS 7 latencies, the now-standard P67 1.50v power setup and nominally runs at 1,600MHz.

With the way things are these days that's probably about as much as you're going to be able to get out of it. Right?

Memory overclocking has changed a lot since the inception of the second generation Core CPUs from Intel. We calls them Sandy Bridge, but I'm sure the RAM manufacturers have far more choice names for this new setup.

Before this new setup, CPU overclocking was inexorably linked with how fast your RAM could go, meaning that if you wanted decent speeds from your RAM sticks with a decent CPU overclock you needed some tasty ol' RAM in there to cope.

Now it's all separate so as long as your memory runs as rated you can do whatever you like to the CPU and its multiplier without a worry. So no more overclocking memory then?

Well, not if G.Skill has anything to say about it. This kit runs nice and quick when you get it going at 1,600MHz, but we were able to push it right up to 2,133MHz stable. That's a huge overclock and for the £50 price tag that's amazing.

Especially considering Corsair's Dominator GT kit running at 2,133MHz is available for almost double that. The Ripjaws-X is an excellent Sandy Bridge kit and proves you can have your memory cake and nom it too.

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