D-Link DWL-G122 54Mbps review

Make an older Mac wireless with this handy USB stick

This is all you need to make your old Mac wireless

TechRadar Verdict

If you need to make your older Mac wireless, this is the solution for you


  • +

    Compatible with older standards

    Stand included for better reception

    Can also be used with PCs

    Excellent price


  • -

    USB not ideal for wireless

    Apple doesn't sell it in the Apple Store

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There is one Mac-related question our wireless experts get asked more often than any other: "How do you make an old Mac wireless?" Added to which are the all-too-regular emails that ask: "How can I make my slightly newer Mac wireless, the one that I don't want to shell out ridiculous amounts on an AirPort card for."

And there's just one answer: if you don't have an AirPort card already installed in your Mac, then all you need to do is buy a D-Link DWL-G122. That's it. Job done. Game over. For some unknown reason, D-Link seems to be the only company who has twigged that it can corner a segment of the market by sticking an Apple logo on its packaging and selling its rather cheap adaptor to people who wish that their Mac was as easy to make wireless as a PC. Not really nuclear science, is it?

But then, networking vendors aren't usually famed for common-sense decisions. Even Apple itself doesn't seem to have caught on to D-Link's corner of the market, either. The Apple Store sells just one USB wireless adaptor. And the Belkin device only works with Windows PCs, so what can we Mac owners do? Buy the D-Link DWL-G122.

The DWL-G122 includes a stand and USB extension cable in the box. So, if you store your Mac under your desk to save space, you can place the adaptor up on a shelf so your machine can enjoy better wireless reception - a nice and rarely seen touch.

The adaptor's configuration interface also helps you to identify networks wherever you should go; you can create detailed profiles so your adaptor will know which network to connect to, wherever you are. There's also support for the wireless security standards, including WPA (WiFi Protected Access) plus full compatibility with other 802.11g WiFi kit. And what helps the case of the DWL-G122 more than anything? The impressive price, of course. At a very affordable £22, it really is a steal. Dan Grabham

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