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BenQ FP937s review

Simple and straightforward....

A good dis[;ay with little else to offer

Our Verdict

Good overall picture quality, but feature set on offer is quite basic


  • Good picture quality


  • Basic features

Notorious for its avant-garde monitor designs, BenQ has adopted a more business-like approach for the FP937s. Pure and simple in its appearance, this screen is almost dull by comparison, with a rectangular base unit and straightforward row of control buttons along the front of the lower edge.

The no-frills approach is reinforced by the lack of built-in speakers or any pivot or tilt facilities. Reflecting falling costs, the BenQ is almost £200 cheaper to buy than it was a few months ago and its core specifications are still impressive. For example, it has both analogue and digital video inputs, respectable maximum brightness and contrast figures and a fast response time of 12ms.

In our tests, using a range of setups and calibration screens and test charts, supplied by the DisplayMate Multimedia Edition program ( the BenQ performed well throughout. Initially, the auto-tune feature brought the picture into perfect alignment without any unwanted video attributes. Tonal range was also very good, with all transitions in the greyscale being clearly visible.

The FP937s is also impressive in its colour rendition. The on-screen menu offers 'Bluish' and 'Reddish' options, rather than arcane colour temperature values and there's also an sRGB setting, which is similar to the Reddish option, but provides for better compliance with other sRGB products, such as cameras and printers. However, while it does everything well, there's nothing about the BenQ that sets it apart from the crowd. Matthew Richards