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BenQ EW2430 review

Can a VA panel and an LED backlight improve on this classic model from BenQ?

BenQ EW2430
Not quite the upgrade we were expecting, but a decent monitor nonetheless


  • VA panel gives nice colours
  • Black levels very impressive


  • Shonky pixel response
  • Dull LED backlight

The BenQ EW2430 is the latest affordable VA panel LCD monitor, looking to replace one of our favourite PC screens ever, the BenQ EW2420.

Any LCD panel you want so long as it's TN. With a small handful of exceptions, that's been the depressingly familiar refrain when it comes to affordable PC monitors. But a few screens do bust through the TN barrier, and the latest is the BenQ EW2430.

BenQ has form when it comes to sensibly-priced screens with decent panel technology. The BenQ EW2420 is definitely an old favourite. For less than £200 you got a 24-inch full HD panel sporting vertical alignment (VA) technology and an LED backlight to boot.

That mattered because VA panels offer much richer, more vibrant colours than the TN norm for LCDs, along with deeper blacks and better viewing angles. Typically the only downside is response times. But VA technology has been catching up, and the pixel response gap is often negligable.

With all that in mind, we have high hopes for the new BenQ EW2430. It picks up where its progenitor left off, with a VA panel and LED backlight in return for relatively little cost.