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TechRadar Verdict is a website builder capable of translating across any device. Now you don’t need to worry about building your website on your laptop and having it appear differently on your phone. There’s already millions of people who use to build their website, and you can test it out for free with a 14 day free trial before ever making a purchase.


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    Start any plan for free

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    Over 140 template options

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    Translates well across devices


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    Prices increase after the first month

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    No free plan beyond 14 days

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With, it’s easy to start building your website using the 14 day free trial. Instead of purchasing a web host without ever seeing the templates, you can access all of the features on without even making a purchase. This is a huge bonus especially if you’re new to web hosting. The interface is super easy to use, and you can browse the various features and templates. 

Another bonus is the level of security you get with Every plan automatically comes with an SSL Certificate, so anyone visiting your website and sharing sensitive data or credit card information is protected. Having an SSL Certificate will also make your website environment more user-friendly. has a variety of plans all at different price points has a variety of plans all at different price points (Image credit:

Plans and pricing

There are five standard web hosting plans on’s website. You can use any of the plans during your 14 day free trial. Something to keep in mind - after the first month of purchasing a plan, each one has a renewal price that’s slightly higher than what it starts at. The prices listed below are what you’ll pay each month to renew your plan. 

The Beginner plan costs $4.99 per month and includes 50 GB of storage space and up to 100 email accounts. This plan is great for anyone who wants to share their passions and hobbies online with the rest of the world. Photography, writing portfolios, blogs, and personal websites all fall into this category.

The Explorer plan costs $7.99 per month and provides double the amount of storage space and email accounts as the Beginner plan. This plan is built to be slightly faster, and includes a one-click WordPress feature. This plan was designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The Enthusiast plan costs $10.99 per month. It comes with 200 GB of storage space, 500 email accounts, the one-click WordPress feature, and up to five websites. This plan is a great option for businesses who really want more room to grow. 

The Expert plan is best for web applications and larger organizations. At $14.99 per month, this plan includes 500 GB of storage, 750 email accounts, all of the premium WordPress design tools, and access to up to seven websites. This plan also comes with enhanced security features. 

The Guru plan is the highest plan on For $19.99 per month, it comes with 750 GB of storage space, 1,000 email accounts, marketing features and security add-ons, and up to 10 websites. This plan is for agencies and website developers.'s interface is easy to navigate's interface is easy to navigate (Image credit:


The interface is excellent. It’s easy to use, with access to all of the template options and easy navigation. Everything is straightforward and simple to find. For instance, if you’re wondering how email hosting works and want to figure out the features from the website, it’s easy to find under the “products” tab. You can easily use any of the over 140 templates in the free trial to determine whether is the right fit for your website. 

Here's some key features included with

Here's some key features included with (Image credit:


The best feature about is the security built into all plans across the website. Instead of having to pay upgrades for an SSL Certificate, there’s one included in every plan. If you upgrade to a higher level plan, like the Expert plan or the Guru plan, you’ll be able to use more advanced security features such as SiteLock and Domain Lock. All plans come with the option to add the SEO optimizer. You can also access the OnePhoto Gallery - an extensive library of images - with any of the plans. One slight downside is none of the plans offer unlimited storage or unlimited email accounts. However, this is common for many other website builders. 

Not all competition comes with a free trial 

Not all competition comes with a free trial  (Image credit:

The competition 

GoDaddy, Bluehost, and SiteGround are all competitors of Each web host has slightly unique features, and for, the guaranteed SSL Certificate is a big one. Not many other web hosts provide that level of security across every plan. However, one of the drawbacks is that doesn’t have a free option for an unlimited time. The free plan is only 14 days. Compared to GoDaddy’s free trial for one month, this doesn’t seem very long. But it’s still a lot better from the web hosts that don’t offer free trials.  

Final thoughts is great if you want a web host that works to predict your needs. Whether it comes to template options, design tools, or built-in SEO optimization, has you covered. The level of security in each plan and the free trial helps make your website building experience easier and more productive. If you’re still unsure about, you can always cancel your free trial with no charge. There are over 140 templates to choose from, and each plan (after the Beginner plan) comes with options to work through WordPress. Overall, is a great way to start building your online presence. 

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