New Nokia 3310 (2017) review

A blast from the past gets a modern day update

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The return of the Nokia 3310 is fueled by nostalgia. If HMD had revealed this phone as the Nokia 1 there wouldn’t be any hype around the device at all. None. Zero. Zilch.

It's a phone that didn't need to be made. Yet it was, but not for the sole purpose of shifting large volumes. Instead it was a marketing play to get the Nokia name back into the minds of the general public. 

There are Android powered Nokia smartphones arriving in the coming weeks, and the 3310 is here to plant the seed before the phones you're more likely to buy show up.

For most, the new 3310 can be seen as the chance to grab a feature phone as your backup device and revel in nostalgia, or to try out something entirely different if you’re new to the feature phone scene.

But some people also want to buy a new feature phone as an upgrade to their existing basic handset. If you’re looking for a phone that’s capable of doing very, very simple tasks and don’t want to be using a touchscreen, why not spend a little extra and get the Nokia 3310?

You can buy other feature phones for less than this, and the new Nokia 3310 doesn't justify the extra outlay over the simple nostalgia card it's playing.

Who’s it for?

This may be seen as a novelty device to some people, and that’s OK. Or you may simply want to pick this up as a handset to last a week or so while you’re away at a festival, so you don't put your Samsung Galaxy S8 at risk.

Indeed, for most people, this will be a fun and affordable device to use alongside their main smartphone. If you’re in need of extended battery life you can just switch your SIM over to this phone and use it while you’re partying at a festival.

But it may also appeal as someone’s main phone if all you really want is the phone part.

Should you buy it?

The fact is, the price of the new Nokia 3310 isn’t as low as it could. If you’re looking for a feature phone and have fond memories of the original 3310 then you may be drawn to the reboot - and you'll likely be happy.

But if you're keeping a keen eye on your finances you can get the same spec (and in some cases better spec) for a lower price tag if you ignore the headline-grabbing "3310" name.

The new Nokia 3310 has the fun nostalgia element, a good design and some much improved features that all combine to form a solid, dependable handset.

First reviewed: May 2017

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