Lumo Run review

Running form fixer

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App and compatibility

  • Very in depth
  • Nicely presented and easy to use
  • Only works with iPhone

The Lumo Run app is clean, crisp and easy to use, with useful and easy to understand explanations throughout that mean you don’t need a degree in sports science to be able to delve into your data.

The coaching area in the app is one of Lumo’s killer unique selling points. A repository for a range of video drills all designed to help you improve your running form and efficiency, along with tips to help you improve and explanations of all of the key metrics Lumo tracks, this is a brilliantly executed guide to how to become a better runner.

From here you can select drills to work on (though these will also be recommended at the end of your run sessions) and the app will also tell you when you last worked on your high knees, legs taps or front skips.

You can also track trends over time for all of the key running dynamics as well as the more common stats such as distance and pace.

Finally, there’s a Personal Records section that logs all of your fastest runs over a mile, 1k, 5k,10k, half marathon and full marathon. You can also see your best performance for each of the running dynamics and your longest overall run distance.

Post-run stats are nicely comprehensive and well presented with route map, pace and distance splits, and the ability to add some subjective information such as mood and effort. You also get your performance against the running goal for that session and recommended exercises ahead of the next session.

For every run there are also detailed results for all of the form metrics and you can delve into these deeper with metric splits too. 

This is great for things like seeing how your form changes during the latter part of runs where you might be more tired, or perhaps during the early part of a run where you may not be warmed up.

There's one big downside to the Lumo Run app though, namely that it's only available on iOS and requires an iPhone 5S or newer, which means the Lumo Run isn't much use if you have an Android phone.

Battery life

  • Lasts around a week
  • Charges quickly

According to Lumo’s official claims you get 20 hours of in-run time and 7 days on standby from the sensor. 

In our tests we easily got a week of usage, including a 2-3 hour long run and four daily hour-long sessions, before we needed to recharge.

We also love the fact we could get enough charge for a run in around half an hour, so even if we did find it was out of juice we could load it up in the time it took to stop procrastinating about whether to actually go and run.