Puls review

This is not the smartwatch, or 'smart cuff,' you're looking for


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Though fashion is a major marketing element for the Puls, the thick band just isn't appealing. Where larger wearables have caught the attention of people for attractive displays or interesting designs, the Puls has drawn a lot of eyes for all the wrong reasons.

The band is reminiscent of an ankle bracelet at worst and a fat slap bracelet at best. I suppose my aversion towards cuff-esque jewelry doesn't help but even the most fashion-forward person couldn't love this device.

Puls clasp

The strap snaps open and closes magnetically which again, really reminds me of a slap bracelet. It even sounds like one when it snaps shut. If the device isn't turned on, it's difficult to discern which way to put it on. Thankfully the power button on the right side of the display can serve as a handy reminder that the Puls snaps shut on top.

Puls speaker

The power button itself is horrendous. Turning on the Puls is easy, but turning it off requires some intense muscling. At first I thought it was just my small lady hands lacking strength, but after asking several other people (both male and female) and seeing them struggle, I realized it was the button.

Will.i.am Puls

There is a microphone above the screen and a speaker below which you use for calls, music and alerts. Both remain well hidden and don't detract from the overall design of the Puls, but there's not much going on in the first place.


The band is pretty chunky in general, likely so it can fit all the internal hardware. But the Puls as a whole is still surprisingly light.

It's also pretty large for my small wrists and didn't fit right. Because it was so loose - like a dangling bracelet - it would slide around my arm and the screen wouldn't display face up or even face me because it was so heavy.

Will.i.am Puls

I was also told by a Puls rep that there will also be other sized bands, ones that can extend for larger wrists. So far I haven't heard about cuffs for smaller wrists.

On a more alarming note, the Puls becomes really warm after extended use. It didn't reach uncomfortable heat levels but a wearable that can't handle basic functions without heating up is disconcerting.