Speck Holster-Pro for iPhone

A good design - once we broke it in

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Our Verdict

The essential bit of kit for quick-draw iPhone cowboys


  • Doesn't spoil the iPhone's aesthetics


  • Takes time to break in

This is an iPhone holster. We can just see them taking off on the trading floors of London as brokers strive to outdo each other with their shiny new iPhones.

The design has an extendable clip that arches away from the holster to form a strut that enables you to prop up the iPhone on a desktop. It's a nice idea, because it really shows off the iPhone's gorgeous display and features, but it took us a few goes before the thing stood up properly.

The leather strap that keeps the strut in place has an elastic quality that brings the strut closed again. After two dozen goes and a bit of force, the leather exterior started to yield and it stood up more easily, but it still wasn't perfect.

Aside from getting it to prop up, the case is tough, clips to your belt securely and boasts a soft lining for quickly releasing your shiny toy. Fine for use in the office, then, but the ease at which an iPhone could be released from the clip might put you off wearing it in public. A swift hand could nick your iPhone in a jiffy.