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Sony NEX-C3
The Sony NEX-C3 is a compact system camera with a very big lens

Sony nex-c3

Although the Sony NEX-C3 may not be a camera for everyone – mainly due to the unconventional form factor requiring a flexible approach when first getting to grips with it – those who have the patience to get used to the slightly lens-heavy design will be rewarded with excellent quality images, even at very high ISO sensitivities.

A few weaknesses came to light during testing, such as difficulties focusing and composing images in very low light conditions, and the slow recycle times of the supplied detachable flash.

These aren't even really issues that can be worked around, so it may be worth exercising caution if these are weaknesses that may spoil your enjoyment of the camera.

With the street price already being discounted from Sony's recommended price of £500 for the 18-55mm kit to around £440, this camera is competitively priced in a hotly contested marketplace.

We liked

The performance at high ISO sensitivities is excellent.

Autofocus is lightning quick in good lighting conditions.

We disliked

In very dark conditions it can be difficult to compose images using the screen

The orange AF illuminator isn't very effective in very dark conditions.


Despite the odd handling niggle, the Sony NEX-C3 has proved itself to be a very capable camera with some innovative features to suit photographers of all experience levels.

The image quality alone will make this camera worthy of consideration, and so long as you are aware of potential weaknesses, it could prove to be a compelling choice among current compact system cameras.