Lomography Fisheye No 2 review

Adds bulb mode and allows multiple exposures

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The Lomography Fisheye No 2 is a fun and light film camera, which is great for chucking in a bag ready for adventures.

Use it alongside your standard digital camera for something a little more unusual to add to your holiday and event snaps, or just take it along with you every day waiting for something worthy of a frame of film to grab your attention.

We liked

The fun designs and aesthetics of the Lomography Fisheye No 2 won't be to everybody's tastes, but it certainly draws attention when using the camera in public. Images, when taken in good light, are sharp, well saturated and provide interesting perspectives.

We disliked

The rubber cap falls off at any opportunity, given little to no protection for the lens. If we have to be picky, the shutter release button feels as it if could be sturdier.

Final verdict

One of the more interesting Lomo cameras to experiment with, the Fisheye No 2 is a good entry into the world of Lomography and, providing you can stomach the film and processing costs, gives a fun glimpse into the world of 35mm film photography.