Gossen Digisky Meter review

How does this high-end exposure meter justify its price?

Gossen Digisky Meter
It's pricey, but is this exposure meter worth making your wallet lighter for?

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Gossen digisky meter

The Digisky is already catering to a small market, but a sky-high price tag and a mediocre build quality risks narrowing that further. True, it does what it sets out to do well, and its colour LCD is both pleasing to use and brings with it a practical benefit, but if its build quality was as futureproof as the promised software updates photographers may be more likely to view this as a worthwhile investment.

We liked

Simplicity coupled with some neat technology makes for a winning combination, and the addition of movie presets brings it in line with current camera technology.

We disliked

Basic build quality coupled with a dear asking price. If you can live without the colour display you can save yourself a lot of money by opting for one of the many cheaper lightermeters around.


There are upsides to the Digisky, but ultimately it just doesn't feel like the luxury price you're paying gets you a luxury item.