BenQ PD3220U Monitor review

Professional-grade 4K UHD monitor with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and built-in KVM switch

BenQ PD3220U Monitor
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The BenQ PD3220U is a phenomenal high-quality 4K UHD monitor that is well-suited for professionals in a variety of fields. It offers a large, high-resolution display, fast data transfer speeds via Thunderbolt 3, a sleek and modern design, and a built-in KVM switch for easy control of multiple computers. No matter the workflow, this monitor be worth considering.


  • +

    High-quality build and attractive design

  • +

    Excellent display performance with 4K resolution, high pixel density, and HDR capability

  • +

    Wide range of connectivity options, including multiple HDMI and DisplayPort ports and a USB-C port


  • -

    Built-in speakers are not great

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The BenQ PD3220U is a 32-inch 4K UHD Thunderbolt 3 monitor that is designed for professionals in a variety of fields, with its large screen size and high resolution make it ideal for tasks such as photo and video editing, with its Thunderbolt 3 port allowing for fast data transfer speeds and easy connectivity to other devices. 

The monitor boasts a sleek and modern design, with thin bezels and a sturdy base that allows for easy adjustments to the viewing angle. Additionally, it features a built-in KVM switch, which allows for easy control of multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse. Overall, the BenQ PD3220U is a well-rounded monitor that offers impressive display performance, connectivity options, and design.


The BenQ PD3220U arrived in a sturdy cardboard box adorned with images of the monitor and a list of its key features. Inside, we found the monitor securely in a layer of foam, a quick start guide, the user manual, and several cables, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C.

BenQ PD3220U Monitor

Back of the Monitor, showing VESA Mount (Image credit: Future)

First impressions

Upon removing the BenQ PD3220U from its packaging, we were immediately impressed by the monitor's visually appealing design and sturdy construction. The monitor has a slim bezel and a sleek black exterior, with a sturdy base that allows for easy adjustments to the viewing angle. It exudes a sense of professionalism and quality, and we were immediately impressed.

BenQ PD3220U Monitor

Minimalist metal base (Image credit: Future)

Design and build quality

The design of the BenQ PD3220U is elegant and modern, with thin bezels that give it a clean and professional look. The monitor's exterior is black and minimalist, with a panel covering the ports to keep them hidden away when not needed. The base of the monitor is made of metal, which adds to its overall sturdiness and allows for easy adjustments to the viewing angle.


Screen Size: 32 inches
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 4K (3840x2160 pixels)
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Response Time: 4ms
Viewing Angle: 178/178
Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1
Color Support: sRGB 100%, 95% Display P3/DCI-P3
Weight: 8.5kg / 18.7lb

In terms of build quality, the PD3220U is top-notch. The monitor feels solid and well-constructed, with the materials used in its construction are high-quality and feel durable, ensuring that the monitor will last for a long time. 

The monitor's base is particularly well-made, with a solid metal construction that allows for smooth and easy adjustments to the viewing angle. Overall, the design and build quality of the BenQ PD3220U is excellent, making it a solid choice for professionals who value both style and durability in their monitors.

BenQ PD3220U Monitor

Ports on the right side of the monitor (Image credit: Future)

In use

First and foremost, the 4K resolution and high pixel density make for an incredibly sharp and detailed display, with text being crisp and easy to read, and images and videos looking stunning. The 100% sRGB color gamut and 10-bit color depth also produce accurate and vibrant colors, making this monitor perfect for photo and video editing tasks.

The PD3220U's HDR (high dynamic range) capability is also a standout feature. This allows the monitor to display a greater range of contrast between light and dark areas of the image, which is especially useful when working with images or videos that have a wide color range. We found that this feature added depth and dimensionality to the images we viewed on the monitor and made for a more immersive viewing experience overall.

BenQ PD3220U Monitor

Ports on the back of the monitor (Image credit: Future)

In terms of connectivity, the PD3220U definitely stands out from the competition. Its multiple HDMI and DisplayPort ports allow for easy connectivity to various devices, and the USB-C port is a convenient feature for data transfer and power delivery. The built-in KVM switch is also a handy feature for those who work with multiple computers, as it will enable users to easily switch between them without constantly swapping out keyboard and mouse connections. 

We were able to have this single monitor hooked up to an iPad Pro (utilizing the new Stage Manager multi-display feature), our MacBook Air, an HP EliteBook 865 G9, and another PC, seamlessly switching between devices and have the peripherals follow. 

To make things better, we were also able to use the Hockey Puck controller to press one button or one dial twist to switch between these devices. So even if we choose to mount the monitor or have the back in a hard-to-reach position, we can change the settings with ease.

One minor issue we did encounter with the PD3220U is that the internal speakers are poor, which may be a drawback for some users. However, given that it is a professional-grade monitor, most users will likely have separate speakers or headphones to ameliorate this.

BenQ PD3220U Monitor

Buttons and joystick controller (Image credit: Future)

Final verdict

The BenQ PD3220U offers a high-quality build, attractive design, and impressive specs. Its 4K resolution, high pixel density, and a wide color gamut provides a sharp and vibrant display, and its HDR capability adds depth to images. 

Its multiple connectivity options and built-in KVM switch make it a versatile choice for professionals, and the overall performance and features of the PD3220U make it a strong contender in the professional monitor market.

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