J.S. Technology Digital Audio Delay

We banish lip-sync blues with this handy little device

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Our Verdict

A handy gadget to have for anyone with a multisource system


  • Very easy to use

    Aurally 'transparent'

    LCD display of delay and sampling rate

    Works with uncompressed and compressed (Dolby Digital/DTS) audio


  • Functional appearance

    Not remote-controllable

    No analogue or HD audio capability

    Optical input and output only

If you've ever been plagued with lip-sync errors then you may well have latency problems, wherein a display's signal processing introduces a perceptible delay. TVs will usually compensate for this with an internal audio delay. But what if you're using an off-board audio system, projector or scaler?

If the sound isn't synchronised with the pictures, the resulting experience can be rather off-putting. Hurrah then for this programmable audio delay device, which connects between a source and AV amplifier.

The technology behind the cunning little device is simple enough - the incoming data shuffles into a buffer memory, and is read out again a short (and user-definable) period later. Use is simple; a pair of buttons increase or decrease delay in 5-millisecond steps - the maximum delay is 340 milliseconds (around a third of a second, which should be ample).

Both 44.1kHz (CD) and 48kHz (DVD, digital TV) sampling rates are supported, and we found the unit to be compatible with DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 DVD soundtracks.

A handy gadget to have for anyone with a multisource system.