Vodafone gives free security package that can protect up to 150 devices to its Pro II broadband customers – but they will miss out on a crucial feature

Vodafone Secure Net Home
(Image credit: Vodafone)

Vodafone has announced a new suite of security tools it says can protect more than 150 connected devices in a household.

Anyone trying to keep tabs on children, protect your network from viruses, limit social media usage, and anything else related to broadband security should seriously consider getting the new Secure Net Home service, which comes at no extra cost for customers with its Pro II broadband package.

The company says Secure Net Home is the most comprehensive set of tools on the market, including real-time protection that filters pretty much everything bad on the web at your Wi-Fi router, meaning you can rest a little easier.

Monitor the web with ease 

Via its handy iOS and Android app, Secure Net Home lets the account manager (most likely yourself) create profiles for each internet user, before assigning specific rules to a set of devices. So your kid's iPad, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and so on will all fall under the same set of restrictions instantly. 

Vodafone includes a handy "pause the internet" feature, too, for family moments like dinner time, letting your restrict internet access for an hour with the press of a button. There's also a "focus time" feature that limits access to games and other distractions for a set period of time. Finally, there's a "set bedtimes" tool.

Like many of the best data removal tools, Secure Net Home includes 24/7 monitoring of your personal data on the dark web, helping keep your data safe. 

Monitoring extends to email addresses, credit card details, and more, and users can choose how much or how little gets monitored. Anything suspicious is then reported instantly to the app. 

Unfortunately for anyone outside of the UK, 24/7 monitoring is UK-only, so keep that in mind if you're choosing a broadband plan. 

TechRadar closely tracks the best broadband deals around to help find the right mix of speed, price, features, and coverage. Right now, Vodafone's Full Fibre 74 package is our favourite, offering up to 74Mbps download speeds and a more reliable FTTP connection. While this might not be the absolute fastest, it's a good blend of cheap and cheerful. 

Of course, to get Secure Net Home you'll need to opt for the Pro II package. 


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