Thank goodness - Gmail is finally now making it so much easier to unsubscribe from all those annoying emails clogging up your inbox

Gmail-uppdateringen bjuder på en fräsch ny design. (Image credit: Solen Feyissa / Unsplash)

Clearing out your work (or personal) email inbox could soon be a whole lot easier thanks to a new Gmail update.

The email service is rolling out a new tool that will allow users a much faster way to ditch repeated emails from accounts such as newsletters, shops or other kinds of offers and promotions with just a single click.

Gmail messages will now feature a much more prominent "unsubscribe" option, with 9to5Google spotting the feature in the header of the email itself, giving users a much clearer way to remove themselves from messages they no longer want to be a part of.

Gmail unsubscribe from spam

The new unsubscribe option is also more eye-catching than before, sporting blue hypertext, rather than the rather muted grey underlined message that previously appeared.

Selecting the option will bring up a confirmation message, meaning Google will “unsubscribe for you by sending an email from your email account.”

Google first announced plans to make unsubscribing easier back in October 2023 as part of its campaign to save users from being bombarded with spam.

The new measures specifically look to focus on senders targeting more than 5,000 Gmail addresses per day, who will also be required to adopt SPF and DKIM measures.

The news comes shortly after Google also announced a new security tool to help keep Gmail inboxes free from spam. Resilient and Efficient Text Vectorizer (RETVec) will reportedly make Gmail better at spotting spam emails hiding invisible characters, LEET substitution (3xpl4in3d instead of explained, for example), intentional typos, and more.

RETVec will support more than 100 languages, Google said, adding that it could be deployed in different scenarios, including on-device, web, and large-scale text classification deployments.

The email service also recently announced it will be adding a "Select All" function to its Gmail for Android app, allowing users to instantly select up to 50 emails in their inbox, or results from a search, making it easier for mobile users to clear their inboxes quickly.

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