Google has some new anti-spam rules - is your Microsoft 365 account ready?

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Microsoft 365 users have been warned they should authenticate outbound emails to ensure that they will continue to be delivered, in the wake of new Gmail anti-spam rules.

A recent Gmail blog post notes how, from 2024, the email provider will “require bulk senders to authenticate their emails, allow for easy unsubscription and stay under a reported spam threshold,” or senders risk having their emails sent straight to the spam box or not delivered at all.

The move is one designed to protect consumers from excess messages, but it’s also one that’s likely to give senders a headache in the coming months.

Microsoft addresses Gmail anti-spam rules

The Microsoft Defender for Office 365 team said, “By setting up email authentication for your domain, you can ensure that your messages are less likely to be rejected or marked as spam by email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL,”

Gmail will soon require senders to adopt SPF/DKIM and DMARC email authentication, which is hoped to reduce the impact of some phishing attacks. Senders should also make unsubscribing an easy, one-click process.

It’s likely that senders making these changes won’t just isolate them for Gmail users, and as such, all email recipients will likely benefit from the new rules coming into play from Google.

Microsoft added: “This is especially important when sending bulk email (large volume email), as it helps maintain the deliverability and reputation of your email campaigns.”

The new email rules target those sending more than 5,000 emails to Gmail addresses per day.

Other companies have also spoken out about the changes, with Yahoo singing from the same hymn sheet as Google.

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